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Understanding and Developing Self-esteem

A two hour course on the importance of encouraging a well developed sense of personal self-esteem in promoting physical and mental well-being.

Managing Stress

A two hour course on understanding stress. How to recognise when stress levels begin to  affect health and well-being and easy to follow remedies.

Male and Female; Why so Different?

A simple understanding of how male and female brains are wired, leading to a different way of handling life.

A Changing World 1930’s—Now (Has everything really changed that much?!?)

A two hour light hearted look back through time promoting happiness through reminiscing.

A Beginners Guide to Brain Injury

Two hour course looking at some of the physical and psychological effects following an acquired brain injury.

A Brief History of Photography

Looking at the development of capturing images from the first camera obscura to the ease of 'snapping' on your mobile phone. 

A Brief Guide to the Benefit System

The mystery of benefits uncovered. 

Personal Development for All Ages

A four week course on learning how to take control of your life at any age.

Creative Colouring for the Brain

A two hour interactive course on the use of colouring for emotional well-being..

Other Courses

One to two hour sessions filled with laughter and stimulation, encouraging your brain to remain active. 


  • Fitness for the Over Fifties - Low impact, gentle exercises to encourage maximum physical and mental health and well-being. 20 - 30 minutes of regular gentle exercise has been proven to lower the risk of raised blood pressure and cholesterol, and promote raised self-esteem. It is also thought to reduce the risk of developing dementia.
  • How to Enjoy Life - Examining all the ingredients needed to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Courses for Professionals

  • Maslow and Health- demonstrating the link between the loss of personal control of ones life and poor physical and mental health.


  • Value Based Recruitment and Value Based Training - a fairly new concept illustrating how to find the right candidates and retain them.

If you are interested in any of the courses we offer, please get in contact Yvonne via phone on: 07929 264946 or email: purple.trust@outlook.com.

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