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We believe that learning new skills at whatever age, is a wonderful way to maintain motivation, release endorphins (the feel good chemicals), and get more out of life.  


If you have any problems no matter how large or small, Purple Trust will do our best to support you. We now offer telephone information Monday - Friday 10 am - 1 pm.


Our 50's clubs are held all over the county, please see the 'Events' page for more information.


Our training is split into two main areas.


We offer half day courses to professionals who work in hospitals, residential/nursing homes and in the community.  Using Maslow’s well known Hierarchy of needs, we link self-empowerment to good health.  Using three case studies we demonstrate how physical and mental well-being can be affected when individuals lose control over their lives. We also examine the health of nurses and care workers when the pressure of work can lead to demotivation and loss of empathy for the very people they are trying to help.  Simple, inexpensive solutions are offered up for discussion.  The course lasts for three hours and is very interactive.  Hand outs and certificates are issued following attendance and refreshments are available throughout the training.  Each course costs £100 and is suitable for a maximum of 15 attendees.  We will visit your place of work either mornings, afternoons or evenings. We are also now offering courses on Value Based Recruitment and Value Based Training. Again, each course lasts for three hours and is priced at £100.


There are a wide range of subjects on offer and each are designed to stimulate discussion, offer new learning skills or simply have a few hours of pleasure. 


We can visit nursing homes, residential care homes and supported living complexes. We also offer our training in any village hall or any community centre. Each organisation will be charged £100 (plus travel) per course. Again, refreshments, hand outs and certificates are part of the training. 


A group of 20 people or more from the same area, may request a training requirement. In these circumstances, Purple Trust will then organise a venue and charge each individual £5 for over 50's and £10 for anyone younger. 


Please see main page for the courses we offer. 


For further information, please contact Yvonne.


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